Banned From iTMS- My Story
Saturday, December 06, 2003
  For Better Clarification, I Have given the people who won the auctions what they paid for, and havn't scammed them, and the ones that I can't give the Certificates to, their money back 
  I did not Violate the "The iTunes Music Store sells products to end user customers only." Term, It was not sent to me and then to any other user, it was sent directly to the person, so the person it was sent to is the end user, and not me. Also, "Purchases from the iTunes Music Store are available only in the United States and are not available in any other location. You agree not to use or attempt to use the service from outside of the available territory. Apple may use technologies to verify such compliance.", " I Did not use the service outside of the country, I am in the United States, not in Europe, so I did not break that Term either, the people that are using them may be, but not I.

  How shall I start?

I'm a 15 year old Male who lives in Texas, An Apple Fan, and a fan of technology and music in general.

My Story

While on eBay about a week ago (Nov. 30th) I noticed that there were iTunes Music Store Gift Certificates for sale on ebay getting bids, of upwards of their normal costs on iTunes, so I decided to Start selling some to make enough money for a new iPod. Well, I do so, and I sell a bunch of them, until I find out that Apple Has Banned me from the iTunes Music Store, Deactivating my account, and Not Letting me use my credit card (Blacklisting it) for anything on the Apple Store, so I have to send off the last of my orders, and thus have to refund the buyers, which if fine by me. Isn't Deactivating my accound and blacklisting my Credit Card a Bit Harsh, Hmmm? What if I just want to buy Music for personal Usage? Why Can't they just ban me from buying anymore Gift Certificates? Is it too hard to?! No, it isn't, they already impose limits on Gift Certificates sold (No more than 500$)

What I want:

to be Able to buy My own personal Music for 99 Cents. Isn't banning me entirely a little overboard? What if I got a Gift Certificate from an actual Family Member? I can't use it for my own use, and thus apple would be taking money from that family member, and no goods or services would be rendered! Does that sound right? No! I can accept a ban from Gift Certificates, but this is absurd what they're doing!

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My Story of getting banned from the iTunes Music Store

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